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4 Ways Marketing is a lot Like Jazz
4 ways marketing is a lot like jazz

The Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival was in town last week and has truly blossomed into an incredible event. The program is thoughtfully planned, thoroughly executed, and packed with amazing talent. I remember going to the first Jazz Fest and wondering if it would live to see another year or fall along the wayside like other local music festivals. Over 200,000 people were expected to attend the Jazz Festival this year, a far cry from the few thousand who attended that first year.

Looking back on this year’s Jazz Fest, we breakdown four ways marketing is a lot like jazz.


At Tipping Point Communications, we take a carefully executed approach to your business to drive desired results. Our team is experienced in many facets of marketing, publicity and media buying. We’re a passionate bunch and we love what we do – much in the way Jazz Fest producers John Nugent and Marc Iacona and their team is passionate about Jazz Fest.


Marketing, like jazz, is a pretty broad term. It is the foundation of many styles of music from ragtime to blues, swing, bebop, soul and rock. At Tipping Point, we make sure the strategies we create are built around your needs. We use your feedback, research and ideas that spark action to formulate a marketing and communications plan for your business. With the right tools and hard work, we’re able to exceed expectations and deliver desired results.


The Rochester Jazz Festival works in concert (pun intended!) with the city, county and community leaders to focus the music and experience on what matters to the audience. Organizers use their expertise to find the right mix of artists and genres to fill the many platforms festival-goers use. Whether it’s a world renowned headliner in the Eastman Theatre, an up-and-coming act in one of the clubs or a local favorite on one of the free stages throughout the East End, there is something for all audiences. A strong marketing plan is designed to meet the same criteria – it needs to reach and resonate with your target audiences.


When the tents and stages come down and the street sweepers drive through the East End, we’re left with toe-tapping optimism for next year and a strong economic impact that resonates throughout the community. Can you say the same about your marketing and communications strategy? If you’re working with Tipping Point you can. Dig it, daddy-o!


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