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5 Skills Digital Marketers Need That Clients Want

Staying relevant in the marketing communications space is increasingly difficult with digital marketing, social media and an uber competitive market. Transformation is a constant theme with the latest technology updates, new ad platforms and the evolution of audience consumption habits. Consider these five skills when looking for a digital marketing agency.

5 Skills Digital Marketers Need That Clients Want

1. Organization & Project Management. We’ve just outlined that there are constant changes, trends and tweaks to be aware of in the digital marketing space. Keeping track of all of these pieces and staying true to strategy that benefits the client takes a lot of organization. Project management and prioritizing capabilities are essential traits when working with a digital agency so you can rest assured that your campaigns are firing on all cylinders.

2. Real-Time Optimizations. It’s not guaranteed that every campaign hits the trifecta and has the best call-to-action with the best landing page and the best image. But what should be guaranteed is that your agency is always searching for optimizations within your campaigns so progress is not lost. And hey, if you nail the trifecta each and every time, kudos.

3. Client Communication. Digital marketers don’t think they speak a different language. It’s key that your agency team clearly communicates their strategies and how they plan to execute. That way, when you’re viewing a report, you can know what the CTA is and why the CPC really matters. You are an expert in your business, and your digital marketer is an expert in what they do – so keep those communication lines open and educate each other.

4. Data Analysis. Digital marketing is just that, digital – and campaigns produce a bunch of data. It’s important that your agency understand the balance between data and professional opinion. The data should inform their strategy and next steps, and neither one of these can stand on their own.

5. Audience Research. It’s not enough to just take a message and place it in front of an audience. It needs to speak to them, entice them to follow-through and resonate with them. Your digital agency should understand the importance of audience research and your industry. Understanding the target audience can help your digital agency craft a more meaningful message that resonates.

These are the top five skills digital marketers need that clients value in a marketing partner. Understanding what each side brings to the table increases the chances of a mutually-beneficial relationship that’s long-lasting and successful.


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