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The Hidden Pitfalls: How Texting and Social Apps Can Undermine Brands and Organizations

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In an era dominated by social mediaand instant messaging, brands and organizations are more interconnected withtheir audiences than ever before. While these platforms offer unparalleledopportunities for engagement and outreach, they also harbor hidden pitfallsthat can significantly impact a brand’s reputation and integrity. Inparticular, the pervasive use of texting and social apps presents unique challengesthat, if […]

Plan Ahead, Prevent Crisis: A Guide

A client recently said: “If we get lucky, we won’t need one.” They were referring to holding off on building a crisis communications plan. In today’s world luck has nothing to do with it. “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” as the adage goes. It underscores that the lack of foresight and […]

What Does a Social Media Manager Actually Do?

Social media managers are often misunderstood. Some would say they closely monitor the latest TikTok trends and scroll Instagram for inspiration all day long. Sounds easy enough, right? Not exactly. While some of that may be true—and job descriptions often vary by company—there are a few essential tasks on every social media manager’s list to […]

Why Social Media is Emerging as The New Search Engine

Over the past decade, social media platforms have transformed from being simply a means of connecting with friends and family to a vital source of information for users. With over 4 billion active social media users worldwide, social networks are rapidly becoming the new search engines. Traditionally, search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo have […]

Social Trends That Will Come Alive in 2017

Now that most of us have our feet under us (a month later), we can finally decompress from 2016 and begin to digest what’s in store for 2017. The ever-changing social media landscape is in constant competition, and therefore, has a lot in store for this year. 1) Live video will make its way to […]

Social Media Metrics That Your Boss Cares About

Anything worth doing is worth doing right, and that includes analyzing the data that will tell you what you’re not doing right. It’s not enough just to gather data from your social media platforms, the data needs to be actionable and affect your social strategy. There are three social media metrics that should always be […]

Rethink Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Facebook is changing. Again. And so the backlash begins. Again. In case you missed the big announcement, beginning in January Facebook will be changing the algorithm it currently uses to determine how brand posts will be displayed in News Feeds. Under the new guidelines for the algorithm, brand posts deemed “too promotional” will not receive the […]

A Medal-Worthy Perspective on Buying the Olympics

Which Olympic events will you be watching? If you’re anything like the Poe household, it may be the opening ceremony, figure skating, the luge and perhaps some hockey thrown in. You see, I’ve always wanted to be able to complete a triple-triple jump combination but those days are long gone. My husband took a ride […]

Look is the New Like

Facebook works to optimize your News Feed by featuring content that’s relevant and what you want to see. The most recent change to Facebook’s algorithm will help to do just this. Now, the algorithm is taking into consideration how long you actually spend looking at a post. This will help to determine what’s most meaningful […]