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Through the Eyes of a Public Relations Intern

Hi there! My name is Ali and I am Tipping Point’s Public Relations Intern.

Currently, I am a junior at St. John Fisher University studying Media Management. As an active member of The PRIMA Group, a national award-winning integrated marketing communication firm run by St. John Fisher College students, and PRSSA on campus, I was eager to gain some professional career experience. One of my professors introduced me to some members of the TPX team and after a very informative conversation with them and much encouragement from my professor, I decided to spend the next few months at Tipping Point.

Starting this internship with only 2 academic years under my belt made me a bit nervous but the team at Tipping Point seemed very eager and excited to teach me the ropes. And that is exactly what has happened.

summer internship presentation

Reflecting back on the first day of this internship, I remember how nervous I was. It was my first time being in an office setting, having my very own cubicle, desk, and work computer. It was all new. However, those nerves were immediately settled after walking around the office and meeting everyone. I was so excited and grateful for the opportunity to be in such a welcoming environment with such knowledgeable professionals.

On my very first day, I received a list of client accounts that I would be working on. They were brands that I had heard of which was very cool. I also was able to join in on the weekly agency-wide meeting. This was a great introduction to learning how agency operations were run and what everyone’s role was at the company.

Interning at Tipping Point allowed me to experience what it is like as part of a vastly growing agency with many moving parts and a large clientele. I can tell you this – no two days are alike. There is constantly a new project, new challenge, or new opportunity. The fast-paced environment was always exciting and never boring. Between content calendars, copywriting, press releases, client meetings, on-site events, newsletters, blog posts, research and so much more, my time here at Tipping Point has been full of learning.

Although I did join TPX as a PR Intern, they allowed me the freedom to dabble in other areas that interested me as well. Thanks to that opportunity, I was able to figure out what I am really passionate about and the things I don’t care for as much. I know that this discovery alone has made my internship more than I could’ve asked for.

One thing I would like to highlight is that throughout this entire internship, I have appreciated how the Tipping Point team has trusted me to work on projects and be a part of client task completion. I was able to do meaningful work that was making an impact toward something much greater. I know when some people think “intern,” they think their duties may be fetching coffee or doing the tedious things that nobody really wants to do. However, that was the furthest thing from my experience interning at Tipping Point. They treated me as an equal colleague and were always willing to go out of their way to guide me if I needed it.

I also am thankful for the company culture TPX values. From staff lunches to monthly happy hours and a constant celebration of team wins, the professionals at Tipping Point really do value one another.

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