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Through The Eyes of an Intern Blog Series Part 1

I’ll start this series by introducing myself. My name is Kayla Holley and I am an intern for Tipping Point Communications’ Client Strategy and Relations team this fall. I’m a junior in the public relations and business administration programs at SUNY Oswego, as well as president of the SUNY Oswego chapter of PRSSA.

The internship program at Tipping Point is exactly what I wanted— a genuine work-life experience in the public relations and communications field. They are not having me fetch coffee – although I wouldn’t mind as long as I got some for myself as well! I am drafting media lists, creating content calendars, sitting in and observing client calls and even meeting local celebrities – and yes, I have only been here a week!

How did I land myself in this role?

Well, I wasn’t exactly dreaming about being a public relations specialist at five years old… I took a personality test junior year of high school and my suggested major was public relations – the College Board said it required being a skilled writer with an outgoing personality. Barely knowing the definition of what public relations was going into college, I knew I needed experience in the industry before graduating. Once I realized there was a women-run communications firm in my hometown that works with non-profits I love (yes, I am referring to Tipping Point), I knew it was where I wanted to be. At the end of my sophomore year, I took a shot and applied to the internship program at Tipping Point.

The first interview went better than I ever could’ve expected. I was clearly nervous, but the introductions started with both interviewers mentioning a connection that they had with me – one was a fellow Hilton High graduate (Go Cadets!) and the other had also served as president of their PRSSA chapter in college. They made me feel welcome and comfortable. A short time later, I was told I would have a second interview with the VP of Client Strategy and Relations – I couldn’t believe I had made it that far in the process.

I had been dreaming about being an intern at Tipping Point for two years, so I was shocked and excited to receive a congratulations email from Jamie, the VP, on May 14th! It wasn’t until I attended the staff retreat in August that it had fully sunk in that – in just a few short weeks – I would be starting an experience that I had worked so hard for.

After my first week at Tipping Point, here’s what I’ve learned.

  • I learned my first day that in the 24/7 news cycle, the work of a public relations and communications team never stops!
  • As soon as I walked in the door the team had me assisting on projects, allowing me to have a front-row seat to the critical work they do every day for clients. I knew from that moment I would gain firsthand knowledge of how to do great work for great clients.
  • I’ve started to understand the why’s and how’s of PR and communications and a huge perk of the company being smaller in size is that we’re all just a (safely distanced) cubical away if I have any questions!

Excited, I’ve determined, is my favorite word this week. Excited to start the first big step towards my future; excited to be interning at a woman-owned marketing communications firm in my hometown; excited to be using this blog to document my new journey with Tipping Point Communications!

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