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Working Remotely in Another Country

It’s 8 o’clock in the morning and time to get moving as my team members are already buzzing on caffeine and donuts. I’m just waking up to the roosters, dogs, and the braying of nearby donkeys in my Mexican enclave in Guanajuato. Firing up the computer—making sure the file optic internet is working—and I’m ready to roll. The camera is on and the bedroom behind me is sufficiently blurred to create a more professional look and feel.

The days then become much like days when working at home, except that I’m looking out the window at a semi-arid high desert where the winter sun shines almost every day. The first Slack huddles are about to begin. One realization working remotely or abroad is the importance of Slack (or Teams/Zoom) where I can reach someone in a timely manner, as I can’t just stop by their office or cubicle. For someone working this way, the ability to reach out and get a relatively quick answer is essential.

It’s also a godsend to connect digitally with relatively fast service. Mexico has some of the best internet services out there—except when there’s trouble on the line due to a hungry donkey tied up near the main cables. When that happens, I just jump to my phone’s personal hotspot and continue—although usually without video!

Working in a country that also observes a daily “siesta” can also be a challenge. While everything here shuts down for a couple of hours in the early afternoon, I try to stay awake in the Team and Zoom meetings that have become part of my daily life.

On the other hand, working from another country can inspire more creativity and challenge me to think in different ways. This situation, as well as communicating daily in another language, can bring fresh perspectives to better solve creative challenges.

If your career allows it, I highly suggest trying out the “digital nomad” life. I’m glad to be working at a company that encourages personal growth through new experiences, and hope that you can one day do the same.

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