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Through The Eyes of an Intern Blog Series Part 2

Welcome back for this series’ second blog – can you believe I am over half way through? I certainly cannot, the days have flown by. Never having been in the agency scene before, everything is new and exciting to me – but there was one particular experience that I could not wait to share. I […]

Through The Eyes of an Intern Blog Series Part 1

I’ll start this series by introducing myself. My name is Kayla Holley and I am an intern for Tipping Point Communications’ Client Strategy and Relations team this fall. I’m a junior in the public relations and business administration programs at SUNY Oswego, as well as president of the SUNY Oswego chapter of PRSSA. The internship […]

Planning a Focus Group? Make Sure Your Facility Adds to Your Success

  If you’ve decided to conduct a focus group, you likely already have weighed several crucial factors, like which questions will garner meaningful insights, the most important attributes of potential participants, and how to find the right moderator. But perhaps the most important component of a focus group is the facility itself. It is the […]

Four Must-Have Sections in Your Entertainment Marketing Plan

Not all marketing strategies or tactics are created equal, and we hope this isn’t the first time you’re hearing that. Consider the inherent differences between B2B, B2C, industries, geographies, available budgets, average time to close a customer, and the list goes on. Our team that specializes in entertainment and tourism marketing has put together the […]

Planning A Grand Opening, Special Event or New Location?

Here’s how Tipping Point recently helped two franchises make their mark. Opening a new location is an exciting milestone for a business, but it can also be extremely stressful making sure all the correct elements are in place. From sending invites in time to the right people, gathering materials and speakers for a press conference, […]

Playing Favorites & Not Afraid to Admit it

Picture it. The Poe Family dinner table.  Any night of the week.  7:10PM.  There’s chatter about how days have gone, who is feeding what to the dog, how much homework there is to do and usually a bed time negotiation.  Pat Sajak is just finishing up the first round of Wheel of Fortune and is […]

Satellite Campuses Surging in Higher Ed

Non-traditional is becoming the new normal. Colleges and universities across the country are opening “satellite” campuses, many of which are in downtown, metropolitan areas. This allows universities to reach non-traditional students and offer convenience, flexibility, and a range of educational options. Learning outside of a classroom setting provides a motivating student experience. Students are able […]

Sharing the Benefits of a Powerful Partnership with Google

Our lives are impacted by Google every day – in ways we may not even be aware of. It’s no mystery that when you’re having a heated debate with a friend over which team won the Super Bowl in 1996 (Dallas), or you want to know what song was number one in the U.S. on […]

Shock & Awe. Plot Twist. Wassup?! The #ROI on #SuperBowl Ads

It’s no longer enough to create a laughable moment between tackles and touchdowns. Instead, Super Bowl advertisers have come to compete in a championship game of their own, vying for a shot to be this year’s AdLand MVP. But which ads are the most effective? And what elements must they have to get results?   […]