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Top 7 Tips for Creating a Successful Blog for Your Business

Let’s get to the point.

Well, first and foremost, welcome to “The Point.” In this blog, you will hear from TPX team members about the latest industry trends, client highlights, and our point of view on a thing or two. We’re happy you’re here.  

Today, we’re discussing our top seven tips for creating a successful blog.  

Blogs can be a very strong asset for your company. While a website is a presentation of your best assets, a blog is a helpful tool with information from experts in your field that is personable to the average reader. Let’s dive into today’s tips for writing successful blogs.

Know Your Audience 

The way you write and what you write should match those you are trying to reach. Using Google Analytics and other media analytics platforms can help you identify who is already visiting your sites. This shows you what type of content appeals to your target audience, a.k.a. the kind of content you should be creating.

Write Compelling Headlines 

If a headline is not eye-catching, a reader is likely to skip over it. Create a headline that pushes someone to read on. Also, a good headline has keywords that show up frequently in web searches increasing the chances someone will see it. This is an example of search engine optimization. This is a key factor for writing a successful blog.

Break Up Your Writing 

Add subheadings and short paragraphs to break up the page. Take this post for example. We broke our seven tips into seven short paragraphs. When someone is looking for quick information, they tend to skim a blog to make sure it has the information they’re looking for. If a blog has a giant paragraph rather than page breaks and small paragraphs, people are not going to take the time to read it. Highlighting keywords in the page breaks will draw a reader in and have them coming back for more.

Add a Clear Call-To-Action 

Successful companies ask their readers to visit their website, share their blog, comment on their social media posts, follow their social media, and more. Having a good call-to-action means it is distinguishable and stands out to the average reader. This leads to more traffic on your social media, your website, and your blog which leads to more business overall for your company.

Optimize SEO 

As mentioned above, SEO is crucial in getting the right audience to read your blog. Once you’ve established your keywords, it is important to use an outside service to review your blog for SEO. For example, the keyword for the blog you’re reading right now is “successful blog.” This keyword is known to be what many search for when researching how to write a blog. Several websites already have SEO plug-ins built into the site, so it is easier on the author’s behalf. If you want more information on how to incorporate SEO into your strategy, we recommend browsing Yoast’s website. It’s a great tool for ensuring that what you’re crafting is bound to be a successful blog.

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Add Images 

Humans process visual content faster than text-based content. Having captivating images will draw someone in and boost the engagement of your blog just by having them scroll through the article. When adding images, don’t forget to include alt text. Alt text simply provides context to what an image is displaying. This ultimately informs the search engine crawlers and gives your post a better chance of getting seen.

Hire an Outside Source 

Writing creative content can be challenging, especially when your business is not in the marketing and communications field. If you want to start a successful blog but are unsure how to do so, research communication firms specializing in marketing, public relations, and creative content, such as Tipping Point. These front-facing assets are critical to gaining more business and keeping your current business engaged.

Realize you’re in desperate need of blogging help? Contact us today. We’d love to partner with you.

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