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"P" is for "Platinum", "R" is for Rule

 Chances are we’ve all heard of the Golden Rule: Treat others as you would want them to treat you. But we think there’s an even better rule to live by.

"P" is for "Platinum","R" is for Rule

The Platinum Rule, not to be confused with the reference to it on the television series How I Met Your Mother, says: “Treat others in the way they like to be treated.” It is a powerful and effective approach by Dr. Tony Alessandra for personal and business relationships.

Public Relations is all about building positive relationships. Client management, media relations, public affairs and social media are just a few of the areas PR professionals can put the Platinum Rule to work.

It’s easy to imagine how success would follow when applying the Platinum Rule to the agency-client relationship. By paying close attention to the needs and goals of each client, PR agencies are better positioned to deliver meaningful as well as measurable results.

Of all the facets falling under the umbrella of public relations, nowhere is the Platinum Rule more important than in media relations. No two bloggers, journalists and editors are alike. Taking the time to learn their individual beats, what interests them and how they prefer to be pitched increases the chances of earning great coverage.

The Platinum Rule is a no-brainer when it comes to government relations and public affairs too. How you treat government officials (elected and non-elected) and their staffs can have a tremendous impact on your level of access to key decision-makers. Knowing what gets key decision-makers and advocates up in the morning and keeps them up at night can help you make important allies for your cause.

Social media might be the most overlooked arm of PR for the Platinum Rule. Don’t just broadcast your message. By listening to your brand’s fans and followers, you will have a better understanding of the problems they face and what’s really important to them. The most successful content marketing strategies are interesting and entertaining before they become engaging.

At Tipping Point Communications, we strive to be smart and generate results. That starts by developing and maintaining strong relationships with clients, the media, government officials and the public. And to do that, we don’t just rely on our experience alone, we let others show us how we can make their work matter more.


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