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Healthier Niagara Falls Collaborative

Establishing strategy and enabling self-sufficiency for a grassroots community health initiative
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‍One of the few truly grassroots, resident-driven, community health initiatives in the US, Create a Healthier Niagara Falls Collaborative (CHNFC) is a resident-powered change engine designed to make the City of Niagara Falls a better place to live, work and play.

We were honored to help create CHNFC’s strategic communications plan. We followed our proven approach: conducting significant primary and secondary research to finalize a 36-page comprehensive plan.

Moving from strategy to implementation:

After CHNFC formalized its structure, we provided consultative services to guide the new leadership through implementing communications tactics. We helped create CHNFC’s brand (logo, key messages and tagline), develop its website, hold its first Walk The Falls annual community-building event, and train volunteers in media relations, spokesperson training, and social media guidance.

A true partnership that continues to build capacity at the grassroots level.

Today, we participate in an advisory capacity, expanding on ideas and activities truly driven by CHNFC residents. We provide communications and development strategies, advice on media relations and event management, and direction on influencer engagement.