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St. Ann’s numerous positive workforce initiatives and benefits were already in place but we quickly discovered awareness was low among staff members. Our team was charged with synthesizing these initiatives and highlighting what would be most meaningful and have the greatest impact.

Evolution of the existing:

As “We Hear You” was already a branded message for recruitment and retention efforts at St. Ann’s, we integrated this approach into our video asset. What better way to talk about the benefits of working at St. Ann’s than from the various team members who were ready to share their experiences. Our video was complemented with an expanded and colorful “We Hear You” newsletter that was mailed to every employee’s home and copies were available at every St. Ann’s location.

Campaign extension

Our “We Hear You” video was so well received that we were asked to extend the campaign into a second video execution. This time around we used the voice of team leaders who expressed their gratitude for St. Ann’s team members. Recently completed, that video, titled “Team Appreciation” can be seen here:

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“Our timeline was tight; our initial ideas also needed focus and clarity. The Tipping Point team delivered exactly what we needed - exceeding our expectations. Our relationship continues to bring real value and positive results.”