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The Anatomy of a Digital Marketing Campaign
The Anatomy of a Digital Marketing Campaign

Like the human body, there are many systems involved in a successful digital marketing campaign. Each of these systems work together to build success. Like the human body, there are systems moving alongside each other that help us keep moving forward. Let’s compare the anatomy of a digital marketing campaign to the anatomy of the human body.

The Skeleton

All of the tactics, messages, and data collected in a digital marketing campaign work in harmony to accomplish an overall strategy and move a campaign toward achieving its goals. The strategy lays out the master plan for how each component will work together to get us to our end point. The strategy serves as the skeleton, the structure that houses the tactics, messages, and data.

The Nervous System

Data drives digital marketing campaigns. It is the nervous system in our body that informs our next move and signals if every other system is functioning the way it should. Throughout a campaign, digital marketers look at the data being collected and use it to optimize efforts and see if a change in direction is needed. As sensory neurons react to physical stimuli and send feedback, digital marketers provide insight from the data received and make campaign adjustments as necessary. 

Modern marketers now have so much access to information, both before and during a campaign that it can be overwhelming. In the same way the human brain compartmentalizes, prioritizes and generally organizes the large amount of information collected by the nervous system, a good digital marketing team must navigate the massive amount of data being constantly collected throughout a campaign.

The Heart

You might think creative messaging would be the voice in our analogy, but I would argue messaging is the heart of everything we do. Messaging flows across all tactics giving a campaign life. Often, digital creative isn’t given the warmth and attention that is paid to television, radio or print ads. Make no mistake, if the message is an afterthought for the advertiser, then it will be an afterthought for the audience consuming it. Without the heart, and the messaging behind our campaign, we wouldn’t be able to move forward.

The Digestive System

Few marketers would probably want to tell you they are the digestive track. Well, when you think about it, that is exactly what we are.

The human digestive track, with all its many parts connecting the mouth to, well, you know where, plays one of the most important roles in the human body. It spends its days chugging along, processing, informing, dissecting and distributing everything necessary to jump start the other systems and keep them running. Our role on your marketing team is to consume information, dissect and prioritize and make sure the end result is a great idea with sound strategy that will keep us walking and talking. Our ability to consume information, keep the good ideas and weed out the bad is what makes us a key part of your digital marketing team.


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