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Top 10 Tips for Media Interviews in Uncertain Times

Over the past few months, Tipping Point Communications has been working with our clients to ensure that their key messages are being heard by their target audiences and using traditional media during an untraditional time. Despite the impact of COVID-19, journalists still want to air compelling stories that are of interest to their viewers. While having guests in the studio for morning shows, in-person media availabilities, and face-to-face interviews have ceased due to the health concerns, more and more media are using video chats to facilitate their interviews.

At Tipping Point, we have provided a list of recommendations to our clients to use when they are being interviewed to ensure a successful appearance for themselves and their organization, guaranteeing that media will continue to look to them as subject matter experts.

  1. To the best of your ability, keep the camera lens as close to eye level as possible. Use books, etc. to raise laptop/iPad/device if necessary;
  2. Keep the background interesting but not distracting. If you can, put some distance between you and the background wall. Be sure there are no glares, hot spots, reflections in the background;
  3. Avoid having a bright light source behind you, such as a window, bright lamp, etc.;
  4. Be sure there is enough light on your face; natural light or a lamp is fine;
  5. You are likely using the built-in microphone on the laptop so keep the laptop camera about 18” – 24” from the speaker;
  6. Project your voice like you are talking to someone about 6 feet away;
  7. Keep your answers short and concise (one sentence);
  8. Add energy to your facial expressions and vocal delivery;
  9. Be mindful of your body language;
  10. Wear a branded company top so the branding will be in the visual.

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